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Certified Financial Coach Master Training

Posted on 24 January, 2017 at 17:55

Is your 2017 goal to improve your personal finances?

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey and the Financial Peace University (FPU)?   I am pleased to share that I've completed my Financial Coach Master Training  (FCMT) mentorship and received my certification from the Dave Ramsey organization!  

I'd love for you to consider me for your financial coach?!?!?! Not in the Atlanta Area? No problem, virtual services are available!

Adding Personal Financial Coaching to our CFO Support business virtual consulting services brings the ability to offer business owners all encompassing coaching services plus offers non-business owner services, too. Rusty Hodges with Ramsey Solutions is my mentor and I am grateful for his shared wisdom. Special thanks to my husband Ron Grove for his onging support which allowed me to complete this fantastic course and mentorship program to continue pursuing my personal passion for helping others. #DoGood  

Chris Hogan led my FCMT classes in Nashville in August.   I had just finished listening to his Retire Inspired book as I drove to Nashville on Sunday after noon for the opening dinner Sunday night.  Chris Hogan plus each of the on staff coaches that work in the Nashville office offering coaching services National provide invaluable insights into how to be a better coach and truly serve folks in need of help on the personal finances.  

Since returning from training in Nashville - I completed a three month mentorship and am excited to be launching my new services.  Since the first of January - decided to re-read Chris Hogan's book Retire Inspired.  My big take away for this post is:  

Retirement is NOT an Age - It is a Financial Number!   May I help you see how you are tracking towards your Financial Retirement number?  

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